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Knowledge and science is the fruit of paradise; in times of threat it is one's ally, in exile it keeps one company, and in solitude it is one's intimate friend and companion - Quotes By Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir Ibn Ali Zainal Abidin Ibn Al-Hussein Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib


Why He/She Want To Get Married??

Why He/She Want To Get Married?

Because I want my eyes to see someone special, someone halal, knowing that he/she
is my gift from ALLAH

Because I want someone who loves ALLAH and loves me because he loves ALLAH.

Because I want somebody to share my happiness and praise ALLAH with me, someone to cry my tears with me and make dua with me and someone to love
and love ALLAH with me.

Because I want to have children of my own to love and care and share with a gift from ALLAH.

Because I want to share ALLAH's beautiful creations and praise His name with
someone who ALLAH has fated to be with me since I was born.

Because verily, with a halal partner, my life and everything I do with my husband will be halal in the eyes of ALLAH.

Because I am a gift from ALLAH to someone, and I want to let him feel ALLAH's love through me .

Share this as sadqa-e-jariya( everlasting charity). if someone acts on any of this information, you will be benefited too INSHALLAH.

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