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Knowledge and science is the fruit of paradise; in times of threat it is one's ally, in exile it keeps one company, and in solitude it is one's intimate friend and companion - Quotes By Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir Ibn Ali Zainal Abidin Ibn Al-Hussein Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib


25 ways you can love your husband his way!!


1. Communicate with him respectfully.
2. Regard him as important and let him know he's important to you.
3. Do everything you can to at least understand his feelings even when you disagree with him.
4. Ask for his opinion and let him know you value what he says.
5. Protect his dignity on a daily basis.
6. Avoid sudden major changes without discussion giving him time to adjust.
7. When you go out on a date together don't bring up problems reserve that time to one of having fun together.
8. Show interest in what he feels is important in life.
9. Don't allow any family member to treat him disrespectfully. You should be the one to defend him to any family member that dishonors his place as your husband.
10. Express how much you appreciate him for working so hard to support the family.
11. Tell him how proud you are of him.
12. Give advice in a loving way — not in a nagging or belittling way.
13. When your husband is in a bad mood—gives him quiet time to recover.
14. Help him to finish his goals, hobbies, or education when he needs your help.
15. Thank him for things he's done around the house
16. Make sure he understands everything important that you're planning to do.
17. Don't argue over money. Peacefully discuss future expenditures instead.
18. Take him out on dates—pre-planning all of the details ahead of time.
19. Tell him you love him often.
20. Sit with him while he's watching television—even if the program doesn't interest you.
21. Don't ask of him to read your mind
22. Look your best—dress to honor him and make him proud to be seen with you.
23. Support him when someone tries to put him down. Be his best cheer leader.
24. Don't disagree with him in front of the children.
25 .Take him for a weekend get-away without the children.

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