Quote by Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir

Knowledge and science is the fruit of paradise; in times of threat it is one's ally, in exile it keeps one company, and in solitude it is one's intimate friend and companion - Quotes By Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir Ibn Ali Zainal Abidin Ibn Al-Hussein Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib


Dear Sisters, did you know??

Dear sisters
Do you know that ?!!!

There is a whole Surah in Qur’an with your name (Suratul Nisaa (women))
The first martyr in Islam was a woman (Sumaiya)
The first person who believed in the prophecy of Mohammad (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) was a woman (Khadijah (RA))
The last recommendation prophet Mohammad gave to his nation before he died was to treat you well (“Prayer, prayer, and what your right hand possesses.)
you are the half of the society, and you raise the other half, how high your status is!
And because you are so precious, Islam honored you with Hijab for preserving your chastity and purity ...

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