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Knowledge and science is the fruit of paradise; in times of threat it is one's ally, in exile it keeps one company, and in solitude it is one's intimate friend and companion - Quotes By Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir Ibn Ali Zainal Abidin Ibn Al-Hussein Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib


To You Men : What women really want from you??

What She wants From You??

A sister told me once about her future husband she said

I want him running down to the Masjid if he heard the call to prayer

I want him to surprise me one day to a trip like no other a trip to Masjid Al Haram

I want him to wake me up at night.. to stand in front of Allah the Merciful

I want him never miss the Fajir prayer and wakes me up to it and be the best of helpers

I want his face to be illuminated by faith

I want him holding on to the modesty, such as my beloved Messenger Al Mustafa

I want him in time of anger be patient and if he got mad at me, Our day will not pass until everything will be pass with it

I want my heart is worth dedicate it to him only, not before him or after him any person

I want him someday to whisper in my ears and say "I Love you O' My Most prettiest woman in the whole world"

I want him to be my companion in Upper Paradise with the Lord of the high throne
O' Allah bless the believing righteous women with believing righteous husbands and bless the believing righteous men with believing righteous wives•


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